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Case Study

Contenders #17

Contenders Ltd choose ETS to supply all their production needs for Contenders #17 at the Royal Norfolk Show Ground.

The Lighting:

There are two main core sections to the lighting design. The first is the all important cage lighting. The cage has to be lit evenly and with significant amount of light to help with the filming of the event. This is achieved by flying a box truss with a centre truss over the cage. Rigged on the truss are 30 kilowatts of generic lighting. 

The second section of the lighting design is the equally important fighters entrances. 34 moving lights are used to create the dramatic lighting for the entrances, these consist of a mixture of beams, LED washes and spots.

The Visuals:

A 5 metre x 3 metre LED screen is used to create a backdrop for the fighters entrances. A variety of content is displayed on the screens including fighter stats, visual effects and live camera feeds.

Two further video projectors are used to rear project on side screens.

All the content is vision mixed using a Roland vision mixer and Livestream vision mixer to stream the event live.


A 10Kw RCF HDL Line array is flown from the central cage truss. With the addition of a few infill speakers. 

A Allen & Heath GLD80 digital mixer is used to route the audio signals, including Qlab, Virtual DJ, video audio feeds and two radio microphones.


Over 100 metres of box truss is used to create lighting positions and support black out drapes.


Over a mile of cabling is required to connect all the necessary equipment.

Black Drapes:

80 metre run with 4 metre drop 

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