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AlphaPIX6T is a LED module for the creation of led screens with 6,6 mm pixel pitch, ideal for video screening, pictures and backgrounds for medium viewing distances from led wall surface.
The architecture of AlphaPIX6T is conceived with 640x720 mm module size, featuring 10368 SMD Full Colour LEDs for an impressive light output (up to 5500 NIT, suitable for day-light environments).
The module design is completely made in aluminium and the IP65 protection rate on front side makes AlphaPIX6T suitable also for temporary outdoor application.
The main structure is designed in aluminium, making AlphaPIX6T extremely lightweight, only 30 kg/m2, allowing a wide flexibility in configuration, also in hanging applications, with no limits of weight.


  • In environments where the video-projection is not allowed by the high luminosity or short depth of the room

  • In TV Studios for multiple viewing angle

  • Touring and Live event for Camera streaming

  • Large trade-show booths with creative video imaging

  • In theme parks or public events

Mechanical architecture

  • Module dimensions (WxHxD): 640x720x100 mm

  • Module weight: 13,5 kg

  • Weight per square meter: 30 kg

  • Internal protection: IP65

  • Die-cast aluminium housing

  • Mechanical finishing: black

  • Seamless locking system

  • Cooling: natural airflow

  • Vertical hanging system: built-in aliscaf clamp support

Electrical features

  • Power supply: AC 110/230V 50/60Hz

  • Power IN connections: Neutrik Powercon Ture 1

  • Max power consumption (module): 415W

  • Average power consumption (module): 139W

  • Max rated current/cabinet: AC 220V/1.88A

  • Max power consumption (per square meter): 900W

  • Average power consumption (per square meter): 300W

  • Power output: Max 3 modules

  • MTBF: > 1.000 h

  • Working temperature/humidity: -20°C - +60°C / 10% - 90%

Video features

  • LED source: high-power SMD2727 Full Colour black face

  • Module resolution: 96x108 pixel, 10'368 total pixel

  • Pixel pitch: 6,6 mm

  • LED density: 22'500 LED/sqm

  • Luminous flux: 5'500 cd/sqm (NIT)

  • Best viewing distance: 8 - 100 m

  • LED life span: >100'000h

  • Colours: >4,4 trilioni through RGB mixing

  • Grayscale: 16 bit (16'384 level)

  • Refresh rate: ≥ 1'920 Hz

  • Colour calibration through PC software

  • Input video signals: AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, DP

  • Viewing angle: 140° horizontal, 70° vertical

  • Dead pixel ratio: <0,002

Control system

  • Dedicated G2 NOVASTAR interface (Sender box) for video signal distribution and screen configuration (not included)

  • Data IN sender box: USB connector

  • Data IN module: RJ45 connectors

  • Connection between screen and sender box: USB cable

  • Connection between sender box and video wall: CAT5 data cable


Product APIX6T

LED Type: High-power SMD2727 Full Colour black face

Pixel Pitch: 6,6 mm

Pixel Density: 22'500 pixels/sqm

Viewing Angle: 140° H/70°V

Brightness: 5'500 nit

Drive Mode: 1/6 scan, constant current
Color Depth: 8'192 bytes

Gray Level: 16 bit

Refresh Rate: ≥ 1'920 Hz

Frame Rate: 60 fps

Brightness Adjustment: Manual/Auto/Programmable

Module size (WxH): 320x240 mm

Panel Dimension (WxHxD): 640x720x100 mm

Module Resolution:  48x36 pixels

Panel Resolution:  96x108 pixels

Panel Material:  Die-casting aluminium

Panel Weight:  13,5 kg

Hanging Panel Quantity (V):  ≤ 15 panels

Avg. Power Consumation:  300 W/sqm

Max Power Consumation:  900 W/sqm

Protection Grade:  IP65/IP54

Power Supply:  AC 110/230V 50/60Hz

Power connector:  Neutrik Powercon True 1

Control Protocol: Novastar

Operating Temp/Humidity:  -20°C - +60°C / 10% - 90%

Life Time:  > 100'000 hours

Compliant Standard:  CE



NovaStar VX4S

LED Display Controller / Switcher

Inputs :HDMI, DVI, VGA × 2, CVBS × 2, DP, SDI

Outputs :Ethernet port × 4

Loading Capacity : 2.35 million pixels ,the maximum pixel CLK is 165MHz


Video Monitor :VGA OUT, DVI OUT

Communication Mode :USB/LAN

Image Mosaic :Support

Crop Settings :Support

PIP :Support


Input Index

Port                    Number      Resolution   Specification

CVBS                       2                   PAL/NTSC

VGA                          2                   VESA Standard, support max. 1920×1200@60Hz input

DVI                           1                   VESA Standard (support 1080i input), support HDCP

SDI                           1                    480i、576i、720P、1080i/P

HDMI                       1                     EIA/CEA-861 standard, in accordance with HDMI-1.3 standard, support HDCP

DP                            1                    VESA Standard


Output Index

Port                     Number      Resolution Specification

DVI LOOP               1              Consistent with DVI input

                                                  1280×1024@60Hz   1440×900@60Hz

                                                  1680×1050@60Hz   1600×1200@60Hz

                                                  1600×1200@60Hz – Reduced

                                                  1920×1080@60Hz  2560×816@60Hz

                                                   2048×640@60Hz   1920×1200@60Hz

VGA                          1              2304×1152@60Hz   2048×1152@60Hz

                                                  1024×1280@60Hz   1536×1536@60Hz

                                                   Self-defined output resolution (Bandwidth optimization)

                                                   Horizontal resolution maximum 3840 pixels

                                                   Vertical resolution maximum 1920 pixels



1) The inputs of the VX4S include CVBS×2, VGA×2, DVI×1, HDMI×1 , DP×1 and SDI×1. They support input resolution up to 1920×1200@60Hz; the input images of VX4S can be zoomed point-to-point according to the screen resolution;

2) Provide seamless high-speed switch and fade-in/ fade-out effect so as to strengthen and display picture demonstration of professional quality;

3) The location and size of PIP can both be adjusted, which can be controlled at will;

4) Adopts the Nova G4 engine; the screen is stable and flicker free without scanning lines; the images are exquisite and have a good sense of depth;

5) Can implement white balance calibration and colour gamut mapping based on different features of LEDs used by screens to ensure reproduction of true colours;

6) HDMI/external audio input;

7) 10bit/8bit HD video source;

8) The loading capacity: 2.3 million pixel; 

9) Support multiple controller montage for loading huge screen;

10) Supports Nova new-generation point-by-point correction technology; the correction is fast and efficient;

11) Computer software for system configuration is not necessary. The system can be configured using one knob and one button.  All can be done just by fingers. That is what we called Touch Track!

12) Adopts an innovative architecture to implement smart configuration; the screen debugging can be completed within 30 seconds; greatly shorten the preparation time on the stage;

13) A intuitive LCD display interface and clear button light hint simplify the control of the system.

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